Why Choose Roy And Misty?

So, why should you pick Roy and Misty as your Realtor? Why not the agent you met at the open house last weekend? Why not the friend of your friend you had a few martinis with last weekend? Why us? Allow me to tell you why!

Buying and selling Real Estate is a complicated process. There is much to know about the correct formulas, and there are many small nuances to any Real Estate transaction that can have substantial influence of the price, cost and difficulty of the process.

At “The Cooke Team” we have the knowledge, experience and integrity to make your Real Estate transaction go as smoothly as possible. We have over 45 years of combined experience, over 1,000 closings. And something which we are most proud of, in all our Real Estate dealings we have never once had a customer file a complaint or sue us. In today’s ever litigious times, that is a very rare record, and it speaks to the level of integrity and respect which we display to our clients. 

Roy’s a Real Estate Broker/Salesperson, not an agent, meaning he has passed his significantly tougher Real Estate brokers test. He also is a CREA (Certified Real Estate Appraiser). So, Roy’s knowledge of value and legal issues is amongst the best. 

Roy’s nature is one of someone always looking to learn. Roy has been actively following the legal issues involving distressed Las Vegas Real Estate by attending most of the legal seminars offered. His 16 years of Las Vegas professional poker experience provide him the confidence and analytical skills, along with the knowledge of the many negotiation courses he has taken, to negotiate deals with poise and aptitude. Additionally, Roy has great math skills and can analyze financing situations and alternatives better than most mortgage bankers. 

Misty has a very dutiful nature. Going to school to obtain a legal secretary degree, she worked as a legal secretary prior to Roy and Misty getting married. Misty’s role is to process the paperwork, keep Roy organized (Her most difficult task), and keep the continuity of the closing smooth. She is very efficient, detail orientated and will make sure all is in order. 

Bea’s “The Cooke Teams” agent. She shows the homes, tracks our client’s likes and dislikes and will help you find your perfect home. In her third year of Real Estate, Bea is actively learning the Real Estate business thorough an intense educational program as well as the on the job Real Estate experience she is obtaining working with “The Cooke Team.” Bea possesses a mathematics degree and has a fine understanding of the equity of varying mortgage programs. 

Whatever it is you’re looking to do. Whether, it’s buying, selling, investing or dealing with a distressed home we have the knowledge and experience to make your Real Estate transaction as pleasant as achievable.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling or you’re just looking for information about Las Vegas Real Estate. Contact us at the Las Vegas Real Estate offices of Roy and Misty Cooke. 

We’ll take good care of you!