Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a complex procedure. We at “The Cooke Team” are here for you to make the procedure as tranquil as possible. 

In this article, you’ll learn the process, as well as some valuable tips that will save you money, acquire a better selling price and make the process more stress-free. 

Know Your Time Frame:Knowing your time frame to sell and close, and how that relates to your transition to another home has significant impact on both your costs and distress. Having a professional that understands the nuances of these issues and knows how to incorporate them into the “moving equation” will save you time, money and aggravation. Have this conversation with us! Having moved people for over 25 years, we know and understand the characteristics of the endeavor. 

Know Your Value: Knowing the accurate value of your home is a critical component in your home selling decisions. You can get an appraisal or hire a listing team that knows how to appraise your home. Roy is a CREA (Certified Real Estate Appraiser) and can provide you with an accurate assessment of what your home is worth. 

Get Your Home Ready for Sale: The initial impression of a buyer is a lasting one. Make repairs prior to putting your home on the market. Clean, declutter and give the landscaping a spruce up. Remove any valuables from the home. And if you have pets make accommodations for them to be removed from any home showing situations.

Marketing Your Home: In today’s computer age, marketing a home is technology driven. Your home needs to be attractively presented on all the major websites, where buyers locate potential homes these days. Having a good writer, photographer, and technologically savvy team marketing your listing will bring you a quicker sale at a higher price.Additionally, having a team of agents that can respond quickly to any selling issues will increase the traffic viewing your home, equating to more opportunities to bring you the terms of sale you’re looking for. We are that team!

Showing Your Home: Placing a lockbox on your home will not only make it easier for other agent to show, but ease of appointment is a big factor in WHICH homes agents select to show. Long story short, you’ll get more showings if you use a lockbox. And as previously stated, that equates to more opportunities to sell on your terms. Putting on soft music, having a clean cutter-free home, and leaving on lights, making your home brightly lit, will enhance the buyer’s impressions. Have all agents leave a card so that we, as agents, can follow up on all your showings and communicate any feedback to you.

When the Offer Arrives:Make sure that you communicate your genuine wants, needs and desires of the sale to us. We are on your side, and want to represent you. If we know what you want, we’ll be able to formulate a strategy to best attain your wants and needs. We’ll go over any comparable sales, the terms of the purchase agreement with you and provide you with an honest assessment of the state of affairs, including loans, closing dates, price etc.

Escrow and Title Insurance: We’ll open escrow when a purchase contract is accepted by all parties. The buyer’s earnest money deposit will be placed with the title company and the title company will process the transaction as it is written on the purchase agreement. Additionally, title insurance, an insurance program that guarantees to the buyer that the title of the property is clear and no liens are present at title transfer. 

Your Homes Appraisal:It’s important that your home appraise for the highest amount possible. A low appraisal can kill a deal. Before the appraiser comes, clean your home and remove any clutter. Like buyers, they are influenced by their first impression. You are not allowed a copy of the appraisal, but sometimes the buyer will allow you a copy.Should an appraisal come in low and the buyer has a right to renegotiate the deal. This is one of those situations in which your agent needs be both knowledgeable and honest to fight for your best interests. 

Disclosures: Nevada requires the seller to fill out a SRPD (Seller Real Property Disclosure) stating any all seller known defects in the property. If you are aware of any material facts, disclose them. We will provide you with this form and help you with any questions you may have. 

Home inspection: Generally a buyer will request a home inspection; one of the reasons why doing the repairs prior to putting your home on the market is a good idea! An inspector will require access to all areas of your home, so make sure all (hot water heater etc.) appliances are easily accessible. If repairs are needed the buyer can request them and cancel should they not be completed. This is another one of those situations in which you need a knowledgeable and honest agent protecting your interests. 

Closing Escrow:Near the closing date the documents will need to be signed and notarized. Unlike many agents, someone from “The Cooke Team” will accompany you to closing. Make sure you bring your drivers’ license or a valid picture ID. The property deed, reconveyance and any deed of trust will be recorded in the Clark County public records. Title will notify you when your home records and at that time keys will be provided to the buyer unless a prior agreement provision supersedes.

It is my hope that this commentary provides you with the information you need to make the correct judgments regarding selling your home. Should you have any further questions, or just want to have an in-depth discussion about possibly selling your home then call us at the Las Vegas Real Estate offices of Roy and Misty Cooke at 702-376-1515